Career Counselling

A career decision is not only a situation of utmost importance for a teenager, but it can also be a challenging one. This can not be straightforward to determine what kind of job would be the right choice. 

Career mentoring helps individuals to evaluate their talents, interests, and expectations to choose a profession that will suit them for the rest of their lives, this kind of counseling is considered a necessary step to be taken when choosing a career path by selecting the university and its faculty closer to the subject of interest. Researching a wide range of future jobs can be daunting, and it can be inconsistent or impossible to obtain details about the skill sets and qualifications required for a specific job. For these and many other questions an occupation expert would also be able to offer useful knowledge.

The Course helps students make confident and outstanding choices for the future!

The advisor can help a student discuss abilities and talents in a job counselling session, assess educational standards and provide guidance on further education and evaluate priorities.

Potential conversation subjects in job counselling:

Different qualifications or abilities. In which occupations will they be useful in?

The academic workload needed in various professions.

Potential earnings from several occupations.

Working atmosphere for various professions.

Walk through the indicative process


The initial meeting between parents and their children is conducted in order to collect useful information about them e.g. academic record, awards, certificates, community offer, talents and extra curricular activities they have participated in.


In a second meeting an assessment will be conducted by our counsellors in coordination with an institution that provides useful information about career pathways for High School students. Based on these results concerning students' choices and capabilities along with university preferences of the parents and their children "The Course" team will prepare a proposed list of universities. 


The assigned counselor with the help of the candidate will refine and finalise the list of universities through discussion which will be settled during a time set from both parties.


The student will get a timeline for providing required certificates and get prepared for standardised tests (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT). In the meantime, the counselor will fill up the applications with required information about the candidate including all the details named above and will forward them to the respective institutions for processing.


When the scores will be received then they will be added to their UCAS account as the final element in order to be accepted by the University's faculty they are interested in. The amount of applications involved per student do not exceed more than three (3) universities at a time.
Our advisors will provide students and parents with personalised timelines and suggestions to keep them on schedule.

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